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The Porch

There is nothing more enjoyable than a front porch. Ultimately, decisions are made when escaping to the great outdoors, by way of a Front porch designs. Remember in days past, when most of the neighboring took place on someone's front porch? The site is such a pleasant memory when we drive down a street and see people gathered on a porch. Not only were porches used for getting acquainted, they could be used for town meetings, family get-togethers, and even those dreaded, serious talks. The ones like, "you're Aunt Bertha passed away today."

I remember as a very small child my grandmother's huge, wooded house. It had a huge front porch that wasn't really that big when seeing it as an adult. Vastness comes in the eye a child! Anyway, we would sit there often and just watch the traffic pass by. It was in the late 50's and early 60's when life was much simpler. Back then we would sit on the porch, late at night and wait for the mosquito spraying trucks to come down the road. The sound of diesel engines and the faint hiss of spray would come closer and closer. So we would wait, listen and wait some more for them to pass. Of course, today we realize that it was spraying DDT which now is banned from use due to causing harm to people. It was so much fun to go out after dark, just to watch the train pass. Her house was located right next to a railroad on the main highway connecting Dallas to Oklahoma, in a roundabout way. As I would sit there, I invented stories about people as they passed by, going wherever it was they were going. I assumed they were all going to Oklahoma. After all, that is how we got there! I don't recall any of the stories I made up, but as an adult today, I find myself doing the same thing.

We have been blessed with a huge porch on the south and east sides of our home. It is a great place to spend time. If I sit there alone, I still make up stories of people's lives as they pass. It's like daydreaming, but it's not about me. Transients continually walk in front of our house so there is always someone to watch. Some of them get off the train, which happens to be only a few houses away. Some of them are carrying bags and some are empty-handed. I think of where they have come from and I invent places for them to go. Sitting here writing, I see a man walking down the street. He is about fifty years old, dressed in a suit and he is carrying a briefcase. Is he important? Can he possibly be a CEO of a huge firm downtown Dallas? I can't tell: maybe he just wants to dress in a proper fashion and maybe his lunch is in the briefcase. Earlier today, there were three young Middle Eastern men meandering down the street. They would stop and toss a coin as far as they could. As they walked to the coin they cheered for the winner of their game. I wonder what game it was and where they learned it.

Not only do I sit outside alone; our family enjoys sitting in the swing on the porch. Sometimes I sit with my husband, we sit with our kids and if we have a big family dinner, we almost always end up outside on the porch. A while back, our porch would have been called a screened-in porch, being that our house is about 100 years old, but in the restoration process screens have since been replaced with glass and windows. The glass creates heat during the winter months and cold days. The open side is perfect for the warmer weather. Speaking of weather...when our kids were small, we would take them out during the worst of Texas storms. It could be hailing, raining, just windy or there could be a tornado warning and we still go outside. We would swing with them while pointing out clouds, rain and lightening patterns. I remember being very scared of storms as a child, so somehow in the back of my head, I thought this would help them embrace storms, rather than be scared. It worked. To this day we enjoy storms up close and personal. Naturally, their friends think we are crazy! We enjoy our porch no matter what weather or what mood we are experiencing. Whenever we sit on the porch it is always the right time and the right place.

As time goes on there are not too many neighbors milling about. The days we live in have become congested with 'stuff'. Most lives are too busy to take time for a walk around the block. Still we sit; the simple things in life quiet the soul. We can conquer a lot of life's dilemmas as we swing on the porch. We remember our childhoods, fix problems, enjoy the creation of God's earth, and listen to birds, sirens and airplanes. Problems seem to melt away while just hanging out. The porch is a great place to rid one of a headache. On warm days the pains seem to disappear with the light of the sun. Lying on the floor of the porch eases a backache. Somehow it transforms into a heating pad. Oh, it feels so good! Everyone gets to enjoy something different and memories flood our minds when sitting on 'the porch'.